Sunday, August 26, 2012

Retail Therapy

This isn't going to be a "fall must haves" post. This is mostly an open letter to retailers. Every woman knows the best pick-me-up is a little pretty. Having a bad day? Go shopping. Having a really bad day? Stay home in your sweats and shop online. Which is what I was doing recently with a few pints of ice cream. Or at least, I was trying to...

First, lets talk about the sweat pants I was wearing. Old Navy capri drawstring pants that I got in maybe the 9th grade... Let's just say, I've gotten my money's worth. These things have been worn and loved.

SO since I was sitting in these, and browsing the internet, I decided to replace them. I looked around at Old Navy but just couldnt find any I liked. So I remembered my other favorite lounge pants (in similar condition) from Victoras Secret. Then there they were... the boyfriend pant.

 Oh. My. God. I wanted them immediately. How perfect are these? Do you not feel better already just looking at them? Put them in my cart without thought. Entered my credit card number. Than BAM! I noticed the price. Before tax and shipping? $44.50 yes people, FOURTY FIVE dollars for sweat pants. Damned sweat pants! Now don't get me wrong, if anyone wants to spend their money and buy me these, email me. I will be happy to give you my shipping information. But for me? A single mama, that hasn't even officially started work yet, living with my parents? No. I will not be buying $44.50 sweat pants. But I will be watching for a great coupon or sale! Because I love those damn things.

But for now.... I will just save the photo to my mom's computer as a friendly hint (Christmas is only 4 months away. And the anniversary of my giving birth is only 3 months away) and go finish my ice cream.

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  1. Yeah that's a bit ridic! But then I think about all the Juicy pants I bought back in the day at $80 a pop and almost throw up! Oh pre baby life!


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