Saturday, September 22, 2012

Campfire Chats with Miss J

Women women women. Let's chat. Men, y'all pay attention too. Lets sit down around the ole cyber campfire and have a chat. Shall we? We will take turns.... obviously, it's my cyber campfire so I go first.



Got it? No? Need me to elaborate further? Okay then.....

He-who-shall-not-be-named was on fire (not my campfire fire. another fire.) when I officially yet somewhat non-chalantly made it clear on the internet that we were separated. This was after us actually living apart for a month. He did not want our business on the internet. He did not want people to  know that we weren't still living our happily ever after. He did not want me to mention him or my marriage on IG, twitter, facebook, or here on the blog. I rolled my eyes at him respected his request and made a great effort to only post about ME and MY experience and avoid discussing him directly. That was of course, until tonight. Tonight, I found this.

{{picture has been removed due to illness. as in, it makes me ill to look at it and I don't want to make any of my sweet readers sick as well. but, you saw it. you all know what i'm talking about}}
Now granted, this isn't HIS instagram account. However, he did sit and pose for this picture and allow it to be taken. He then allowed it to be posted to a public internet account. He then allowed himself to be tagged in it. He then liked it. So, I guess he's OK with our business being on the internet now. Safe to assume? Sure would be hard to explain this "woman" sitting on his lap with a shit eating grin on her face if everyone still thought he had a wife and kid at home, huh? Although, I did still give them the courtesy of blocking out their faces. You're welcome.

So anyways, with that out of the way, I have a message to women. Not this particular "woman". I don't know her. I don't want to know her. Just women in general.

I think all our mama's have said it. But some of us are too damn stupid to hear it. "if he will cheat with you, he will cheat on you." When the mistress becomes the main, a position is left open. Are you starting to see where I'm heading? If he is married and can't be faithful to her- his wife, the mother of his child (if they have children, of course), the woman he made a vow in front of God and everyone- then what in the hell makes you think that you are so special and will mean anything to him? You're not special. You're nothing. You're ignorant. You're a disgrace to our gender. You make me sick. And should you choose to be with a man who you know is really not a "man" in any way except the physical definition, then you deserve what you get. I don't wish you luck. I should pray for you. But, if I'm being honest, I'm not that good. God still has a lot of work to do in my heart before I could bring myself to pray for you ... except maybe this country song prayer

I pray your brakes go out runnin' down a hill.
I pray a flower pot falls from a window sill,
And knocks you in the head like I'd like to.
I pray your birthday comes and nobody calls.
I pray you're flyin' high when your engine stalls.
I pray all your dreams never come true.
Just know wherever you are, honey,
I pray for you.

So there's that. Feel free to join in on my lil campfire chat. Kumbayah and all that....

Ironically enough, I had actually had a really great thoughtful, moving post about forgiveness scheduled for tonight. I think I will post pone that one for a while. As Dixie Chicks said "I'm still mad as hell and I don't have time to go round and round and round."


  1. Every girl wants to be the exception, so she convinces herself that she IS the exception. Let her learn the hard way, girl. Nothin you can do but keep moving forward. A real man would never cheat and break his family apart. If that is what she wants for her future let her have it. "Once a cheater, always a cheater." Keep your head up, sunshine. <3

  2. Sometimes it just feels so good to let words like this out. Good for you momma.

    1. It does. It's a fine line I walk though. I'm angry. And I stand by my opinions and everything I said. But it's hard to write things because once upon a time, I was an idiot. I wasn't the "other woman" but I did turn a blind eye to the red flags and chose to ignore all the warnings. thinking I was different and he could treat me better. So I kinda feel like I'm giving MYSELF a cyber whipping.

  3. Just FYI, the girl in that pic is gay, shes not interested in MEN AT ALL.

    1. Like I said. This isn't about her. I do t know her. And it's good she isn't interested in men because that is no man in the picture with her.
      Thanks for reading :)


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