Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mini Blog Sale

I have had people message me a few times about when I get rid of Aubrey's things. I am finally starting to go through everything and am making myself get rid of it all. I don't have room to store it and doubt my future husband (maybe?) will want to dress his child in the things I bought with my first husband. I don't have many followers on the blog but I do notice a lot of views. So either I have an annoying stalker or there are a few readers. But I don't know another way to keep it organized and post easily. So I'm going to just post a few things for now, see if there's any interest, and will post more later!

I will say, these things have been in boxes or squished in a closet so some of it needs a little ironing. I will iron everything before I ship!

  Worn twice. $20

 The tag says 6m but I got 2 years of wear for this. She wore it to a family dinner when she was in 6m then she wore it for Easter pics again this year. The pants were long the first wear, capri's the 2nd time. Got this from Strasburg before they changed. $20
 Lolly Wolly Doodle (from facebook) 12m. She can still wear the top but the pants are a little tight. The top was like a tunic at 12m and is now like a regular shirt. Monogram A. Worn like 3 or 4 times. $20
 Worn maybe 4 times. $10
 Smockadot Kids (facebook) starfish dress "A" monogram size 12/18m. Worn twice. $20
everyone went nuts for this on Smocked Auctions this year. I had an A added to it after. Only worn maybe 3 times... $20
worn ONCE for Thanksgiving lunch last year $20

Prices negotiable. Will discount if you buy multiple items. Just ask!

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