Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thankful Thursday

It felt good to do this last week. So I'm going to continue it.

  • My dad for giving up some of his extra cirriculars and hobbies in order to redistribute the money spent there to my and Aubrey's needs. My parents totally believe you are a parent forever. Not just 18 years.
  • All my ig/twitter friends. The emails and comments over the weekend were overwhelming. Y'all have been good to me over the years. And Saturday when I lost my shit, y'all didn't disappoint. Some of you sent encouragement, prayers, hugs, and HIGH-FREAKIN-LARIOUS commentary. I needed all of it. Thank yall! And if you ever need a soldier in your corner, you know you can call on me (=
  • A washer and dryer. Dang, it seems like the laundry has quadrupled this week. What up with that?! Anyways, I have really been taking full advantage of these underrated appliances.
  • Bravo! I mean really. I don't know what I would do without my housewives. I cannot get enough "Real Housewives of...." I watch them all. Religiously.
  • Hindsight. Although, I wish I could have seen this clearly before I had to go through the drama. But then, I may not have gotten priss. So I guess ignorance is bliss?
  • Teachers that drill into their students' heads: your/you're, too/to/two, there/their/they're. Although, judging by my facebook feed, they need to stress that "our" and "are" are not only spelled differently but sound totally different. Why are they now mixed up? stop it.
  • The 2 men (notice no air quotes around this use of men) in my class at work that so kindly sat with me last night while I pumped gas so I didn't have to be there alone so late at night. They didn't even give me shit about "should have paid attention and taken care of this before your gas light was on at midnight". Their mama's raised them right!

What are you thankful for?

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