Thursday, November 29, 2012

Prissy's Birthday

So I just realized I never blogged prissy's birthday. Thats one downfall to instagram, twitter, facebook: everything is shared instantly and sometimes i forget to sit down and share it here...

Prissy was born the day after my dad's birthday. My birthday is 1 week after my grandpas and we always do a birthday dinner together. I have a photo of us with our cake every year. Never missed one. And it's so special to me so I knew it would be something I wanted to do with them.

I had a big party in my head. But with my sister's complications in her pregnancy, my sucky last minute work schedule, and money situation those plans got pushed off. We ended up just doing their lunch. I was disappointed with myself at first. But at the end of the day, it was soo nice! There was no stress, no prep, no posing or hosting or anything else that comes with planning. Prissy was so happy, she was with the people she loves that loves her & it was all about her & her big papa :)

I'm sure I'll have parties in the future, but the simplicity of this year was so perfect. I'd like to say it will become our new norm. We will see, next year will come sooner than I'm ready for!

So here's just a few photos from our afternoon. She was SO excited for her new Dora panties & her baby doll. But I don't think she liked anything as much as the box the baby came in that she used as a chair & the empty bags she carried like purses. Go figure!

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