Sunday, November 11, 2012


In my usual bullet point fashion...

  • Thinking of cutting my hair. I know it's cliche but I feel like everything else is changing. Time for my look to catch up.
  • I got priss some of those dipping snacks. She loves them but only if I let her eat them in the floor- picnic style. Weird kid...
  • My paternal grandfather passed away Tuesday. Leaving my dad without any living parents. My heart hurts for him. I don't have the words & he isn't much of a talker anyways. It's a tough situation.
  • Seems like everyone is obsessed with ferris wheels. In the past, it seemed like nobody gave it the respect it deserved. Now? They won't stop posting pictures of the stupid thing. Is fair season almost over?
  • Struggling to find a Christmas gift for priss. We have NO room for anything else in this house so that axed my play kitchen plan.
  • Planning Thanksgiving dinner. Hard to do though since my sis is due & we may not all be together... is McDonald's open?
  • I've become obsessed with FB resales! I love getting "new" clothes for A for little more than cost of shipping- which  is cancelled out when I sell her things. Score!
  • I'm ready to be divorced officially. It's strange straddling two worlds. I don't know how to act or what to call it or how to refer to him/his family.

So theres a totally random Sunday brain dump.


  1. sorry about your grandfather. my dad's mom passed away in january and it was so hard. my dad also isn't much of a talker so... very tough. thinking of y'all.

    1. Thank you! Every once in a while he will start talking but it makes me feel worse because I know he must be really hurting to open up even just the slightest bit. Thinking of your family too with the holidays approaching.


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