Monday, November 19, 2012

Things I'm Loving

I ordered one of these planners when I started back to work. I love that it fits perfecftly in my purse. It's not too bulky and doesn't have all of those extra bells and whistles that I really wouldn't use anyways probably.
This is the one that I ordered. I love it! The only thing I wish were different is maybe a little more room for notes/lists. And I wish the cover had some kind of protective layer because since mine is usually just tossed in my purse, my water bottles will sometimes "sweat" and the cover had bled a little bit. But that's nothing that would stop me from buying again in the future. In fact, someone on my Christmas list may have gotten one this year ;)
They have notes now too which I will probably be picking up for myself after Christmas so I don't have guilt about spending on myself.

 Goody Quick Style Paddle Brush

Now, maybe it's just because I haven't bought a new brush since I was in High School (yeah, think about that. The poor thing had seen better days..) but I don't think so. I am telling you, this thing is awesome. It helps dry your hair faster and detangles. I don't know what the detangling trick is, but it's obvious how it helps dry quicker. I'm obsessed. But I will say, I feel like I need a "normal" brush for my touch ups during the day. I don't know why, I just do. Or maybe that's just my excuse to stock up in brushes in case it's another 10 years until I buy new ones again!

elevenone creative etsy shop

I like to support women, and fellow mama's. This shop belongs to a fellow blogger mama Meredith Tichenor. I ordered the gingerbread girl and the nativity scene. I can't wait to get them! These were the first purchase for the home I will live in with Miss Priss just the 2 of us. I will pretty much be starting over when it comes to furnishing when we do move out of my parents' house. I figure what better purchase than a fun holiday pillow to start our new home, right? (=

I guess I should ad this.. this post was not sponsored. None of the businesses or blogs mentioned above are in any way affiliated with Bogs and Bows and did not endorse this post. Just me and my opinions here, y'all.

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