Friday, December 7, 2012

Old Navy Rockstar Cords

I fought it you guys. And I stayed strong for a while. When skinny jeans first came out, I vowed to NEVER wear a pair. Ever. And that's when I was still skinny!

But 2012 is the year for broken vows I guess. Because somehow a pair of ON rockstar cords made it with me to the dressing room. I stared at them. I tried to ignore them. But I caved. I tried them on... Just for giggles, ya know? Now I don't know if the pantsless vision right before in the mirror was so bad that I would have been convinced ANYTHING looked good. Or if I just felt so down on myself that day and the simple rockstar tag made me smile. But y'all, I bought those damn green pants! And loved them so much I went back for a gray pair! And want more more still! I did have to size up which sucks but guess what? Nobody can see the tag. I know! For 24 years I've been so aware of that tag... And NOBODY can see it!

Here's a few ways I've (if I do say so myself) rocked these rockstars!
Of course I was in no way endorsed for this post. blah blah blah Just my own opinions. blah blah bah but would accept any swag ON wanted to share. Holla!


  1. I love your skinnies! I especially love the first outfit & the blouse with the roses.

  2. I had the green ones too. But the ex kept them when I came back to Ga so he could get his money back on em. Haha.

  3. I am loving the grey ones!!! That first outfit is totally pinterest worthy!


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