Thursday, December 13, 2012

Santa? Can You Hear Me?

Sana? Hello? Is this thing on? Aubrey Jo and I have been very good girls this year. Especially her. This year we have learned to value "things" less so our lists are much shorter than usual.

During the move, I finally threw away all of my hole-y, too small, or stained shirts. And of course no longer have access to his closet full of sleep perfect shirts. So I have been stocking up on pajamas... and it's become an obsession. I joined the target polka dot bandwagon too. So I'm legit now.

I'm also in the market for dish storage. Right now, all my dishes are in rubbermaid boxes wrapped in blankets. I was married to a "professional" OCD packer/mover long enough to know this is NOT OK. But man, I hate to spend money on stuff like that. So it's on my wish list.

And of course these still.

Aubrey Jo is super into all things Dora, UmiZoomi and Bubble Guppies. I took her to Target to see what she was drawn to. She flipped out at all the baby dolls.. and bike helmets. But she probably won't get a helmet. People would stare. Same as last year, "bawls" are on her list. One of the only words she says. Obsessed. She played with a kitchen in the nursery at church last month & I would bet you probably already have one on the sleigh for her, huh?

What's on your list?

EDIT: Dear Santa, Aubrey Jo here. I love you. I love mama too but she's a dumb dumb... I want more Kroger bags. Mama won't let me play with hers. And tupperware. And crayons that don't break when I scribble masterpieces on the walls. Empty boxes... with bubble wrap. Fruit pouches are good. And more baths- extra bubbles, please! K? Thanks. Byyeee!

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