Monday, January 14, 2013

Let's Talk Baby Books

It seems like every morning when my sweet priss wakes up, she is noticably growing up. It has been so much fun watching her grow and enjoying each stage with her. But I do sometimes miss her being a wee wittle bitty baby boo boo goo girl! (I hate baby talk lol) I catch myself going to our storage and just looking at her old things or flipping through old photos all the time.

I keep her baby book handy because we did get the Baby's Record Book. Everytime I make an entry, I flip back and look at last year and her milestones or compare her growth. When I was pregnant, I made friends with the fiance of one of the guys I worked with. They had a daughter almost a year exactly before I had Aubrey Jo. They shared plenty of advice and hand-me-downs. I was very thankful for her and to have her to relate to. When I was over going through her daughter's old clothes one day, I saw her baby book. This is the one she used. I loved the format, layout and that it was the first 5 years rather than just the first year. Baby books have come such a long way since my mom was putting mine together. I left her house that day and went straight to Books-A-Million to buy this book. I couldn't wait to fill it out! It has a place to mark her growth as well as pockets to save things and auot-fill spots for milestones that honestly I may not have thought to write down if it wasn't already there. I would definitely recommend this book to any mamas to be...

The baby book though does have limited room for day-to-day and is mostly for milestones. Which is where Mom's One Line A Day comes in. This is also a 5 year book. But it is a daily journal type book. I didn't get this until this year. I don't think it's something that has to be started at a certain time. I think actually now it is more special than if I had gotten it the day she was born and started for the first 5 years. This will be the "first" 5 years of just the 2 of us so I think it's important to note the good of everyday to remember that things aren't all bad. One stressful email a week here and there no longer gets to control my mood everyday. Awesome things are happening and this helps keep me accountable to remember the good things. And one day I will show it to Aubrey Jo so she can read and flip through to see for herself since she won't remember these years much that we were still happy and she is so very much loved every single day. It doesn't have a whole lot of writing room. It really is what the name says ONE LINE a day. I have had so much fun though sitting down each night and writing a little note about what we did that day or a verse I read that I want to make note of for her or sometimes even just a hope I may have for her future. This is probably going to be one of my new go-to gifts for baby showers!

So dish. Am I missing out on any other mommy keepsake must haves? What baby books are you using? How do you like to document all little joys of motherhood?

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