Saturday, January 5, 2013

Terr -ible? -ific? Twos!

"just wait until they turn two.. thats when the real fun starts"
I can't tell you how many times I heard this comment in the 24 months leading up to her 2nd birthday. Sometimes it annoyed me because I took it as a sarcastic comment and thought 'MY child will never be that terrible 2 year old' and other times I rolled my eyes because I was having fun with her at each stage before this birthday.
Now, almost 2 months into the other side of that birthday, I get it. It is the most exhausting, frustrating, hilarious, fun stage we have gone through yet!
TERRIBLE... She can throw a FIT yall. I mean... a fit. She has found her voice to say the least. When she says no, she means NO! And when I say no, she means she is going to turn it into a yes. She can throw down in the floor, kick them feet, and make sure everyone knows just how unhappy she is. And take her in public. I dare you. She knows then that we can't walk away and ignore. And we can't do much in the form of punishing her. And she takes full advantage of it. There have been a few times when I looked at her and said "if I was that kid's mom, I wouldn't tolerate that. nuh-uh. no way. no maam." Then I remember I AM her mom. And I am absolutely not 'taking her to the bathroom'. So here's my official apology to all the mom's with toddler I judged before I was that mom. And here's my official "oh suck it" to all the jerks giving me their know-it-all side eye.
She can muster up the biggest post pitiful crocodile tears you've ever seen. I should be strong enough to see through them, but I can't. She knows it works. And if they don't, she pouts out that bottom lip and then she knows she has me right where she wants me. From there, I'm broken and she knows a small hand hold or hug and she is golden.
She suddenly decided she didn't want to be potty trained anymore and will have days where I'm ready to go buy diapers and say forget it! I think she enjoys those days because she has both me and my mom giving her our full attention and asking 50 million times "do you need to go potty"? And of course she says no. And of course she really does. She laughs, goes just enough to wet her panties and then runs to the potty, goes, and claps for herself. If it wasn't ME doing all the laundry, I would probably laugh. She is good...
She has always been a fan of bath time. Working nights, I cherish the times that I am off and get to be the one to watch her splash and play even more!
I have been sick this week and she has been so good. We've napped together all day which means we are up late watching movies. It will probably be a pain to get back on a normal schedule, but I have so enjoyed this week with her.
We made the move to big girl bed. I have been on the hunt for the perfect big girl bedding but haven't had much luck. She doesn't seem to mind though. It has been a relatively easy transition. Much easier than I anticipated *knocks on wood*
This was right before our date last week. See that sweet angelic smiling face? It looked very different about half way through our meal... "the real fun" ;)
TERRIFIC... There is absolutely nothing more entertaining than a 2 year old's imagination. She got a play kitchen for Christmas and I have enjoyed watching her "wash her hands" and "boil tea" and "cook" on it everyday. She gets so excited when we gobble up what she brings us and is always bringing the tea pot around to refill our cups. 
She loves to play kitty cat. She crawls around and meows and if she comes to you and you dont "pet" her she will rub on your leg and meow until you do. She is the cutest kitten I've ever seen. And easier on my allergies too ;)
I don't know if it's the age or just the changes in our lifestyle, but she is SUCH a mama's girl. She was always a mama's girl in the sense that she preferred me, but it's just different now. She doesnt just prefer, but WANTS me. I was gone for 2 hours the other day and when I got back, she started crying and ran to me. She is always giving me hugs and kisses. And if my mom pretends that she's going to spank me, Aubrey Jo will run over to get between us. Sweet girl would take a spanking for me if she had to! She is a big fan of holding my hand and giving "eskimo" nose kisses. I soak it up! Can't get enough.
She is also covered in imaginary booboo's. She comes to me no less than 2 dozen times every single day pointing to a spot and saying "boo boo" with one of her trademark sad faces. If I try to just skimp by with patting it and saying "poor baby" she will tell me NO! and make kissy sounds. She needs to have her boo boo's kissed and there is no other option. I gladly oblige. Because the hard truth is that I won't always be able to kiss her boo boos and make everything all better so if it works for the imaginary ones, then I will take it as long as I can get it (=

So far I am really enjoying this stage she is in. I can't wait to see what else is in store for the terr -ible/-ific year leading up to the big third birthday!

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