Saturday, January 26, 2013

Weekend Brain Dump

The title isn't witty or misleading at all. That's exactly what this is. A random collection of thoughts rattling around in my head that I just need to dump out so I can start fresh. Recently, on instagram a sweet friend that I met randomly and have so enjoyed talking to on the internet for the last 2 years (hi Tara!) mentioned she was "ready for another blog post". I'll admit, I have been a little slack lately. I started this blog with the intentions of being honest. Real. And not always sugar coating with fabulousness. Well, with that, I was told that I 'play the victim' on the blog and look for sympathy a lot. That isn't my intention. My intention was to show my struggles and flaws. My intention is to show the triumphs and sad truths in raising a child through a failed marriage. My intention is to show that things aren't always perfect but I can still find joy in my circumstance and take opportunity to learn new things in the meantime. But, regardless of my intention, perception is reality. And some people's perception is that I 'play victim'. Well, Tara said it best "if they don't like it they don't have to read it". I was scared to blog much of substance because I didn't want to come off as whiney or victimized or, lets face it, even boring. So even if Tara is the only one left reading, then that's OK with me. I didn't start the blog for sponsors or big follower numbers or flooded inbox comments. I started to share and hopefully make a difference for someone. So I'm going to continue. And if you don't like it, then there are plenty of other blogs for you to click on.

So to start fresh, I first have to purge all the things rumbling around in my head right now and just get it out. So here we go, from politics to vodka and everything in between!

It has to be said... see that round thing between my boobs and waist? Yeah. It's not a tumor or a growth or a parasite or anything else. It is Aubrey Jo. She was in there. Her heart was beating (long before I even peed on a stick actually). The faces she made in her ultrasounds are the same faces she makes now as a 2 year old. She had mannerisms already! If someone would have walked up to me on the beach this day and shot me in the head, they would have been charged with murder. The news wouldn't say "man arrested on murder charges after shooting  that resulted in the death of a woman" they would say "man is arrested on murder charges after shooting that resulted in the death of a woman and her unborn child". They would recognize that he killed TWO people. However, if I would have waltzed into planned parenthood and aborted, I would have just simply been exercising my right to choose. I want to cry every time this topic comes up. I don't understand. Any woman that has had an ultrasound knows that before you see a shape, you can only see a flashing white blurp on the screen. And what is that? It's the heartbeat.

I finally bought those VS sweat pants I've been wanting. The only color they had in my size were white. I should have thought about what a terrible awful idea that was right away but I was so excited to find them on the semi-annual clearance that I couldn't think straight. When they came in, I literally changed my clothes right in the living room and wore them the rest of the day. Wash, dry, don't fold & put away though- oh no- because I wore them again. And then it happened. Sitting so cozy on the couch watching my Housewives on DVR one morning drinking my coffee. (guess where this is going) Aubrey Jo comes running from across the room and DIVES into the couch beside me. Coffee spilt. On my white pants. Yall... I CRIED! Yes, cried. And I was so angry at her. I was in the kitchen, crying, and cursing to myself, angry that I spent the money on them, angry that 'I can't have any nice things' while I was furiously scrubbing them. And then in comes Aubrey Jo. Holding a wipe, trying to help me clean my pants. Sweet right? Except that before wiping my pants, she popped my bottom & pointed her little finger at me. I died laughing. Died! I immediately forgot how annoyed I was and was chasing her around getting her kisses, thanking God for the reminder not to take everything so seriously & to just enjoy her while she's little. I will have plenty of time for white pants when she is older & I will miss this time.

Speaking of spending too much on dumb clothes... don't tell anyone, but I don't get the Matilda Jane thing. I don't dislike it perse... I just... don't get it. They're a bit pricey for what they appear to be worth. Just my opinion. Don't hate me. Your kids are precious. I just have to budget and my splurges will not include any MJ pieces. Love ya, mean it!

Are there places where you can rent cold weather clothes? Seriously. I don't want to spend $$ for winter coats that will get worn less than a dozen times a year. But, we have had a few pretty darn cold days this year! Especially at midnight when I'm leaving work and walking to my car. BRRR

I let the jerk at the liquor store convince me that this "tastes just like cookie dough" even though he wouldn't give me a sample first. Let me tell you, it does NOT! I am a big fan of the cotton candy one, but this not so much. It tastes like vodka... with chocolate syrup. But now I have a whole bottle of it. So I gotta drink it. Does anyone else have this? What do you mix it with? I'm thinking maybe a vodka float with choc chip cookie dough ice cream? yay or nay? I don't want to ruin perfectly good ice cream. Help me.. I can't buy the cotton candy one until I have cleared this one out.

Any other Private Practice fans? Yall, I died when I heard this version of No Diggity! Seriously, this is amazing! Like, I want it played at my wedding. I had to rewind a few times to confirm that this is in fact what I was hearing. I love it!

I shared this conversation on facebook yesterday. She cracks me up sometimes....
Me: one day, I'm going to leave you with Mimi while I go get a cocktail.
Aubrey: no
Me: that's what most 20 something's do, ya know.
Aubrey: (pats her baby she's holding) NO!
Me: yes! I'm gunna go get my drink on & dance on tables!
Aubrey: throws baby down, arms in the air, dancing to the door.
... She missed the whole "leave you with Mimi" part.

Did I miss why I am supposed to care about a football players pretend girlfriend? I don't care. And I am annoyed that other people do. I'm sick of seeing it on my news and my news feed.

Or why I care about anything in this pictures besides Beyonce's earrings? I really like them... they are sparking my obsession for the green pop earrings again. Remember these? The original...

I hate everything about this woman, mostly just because I hate one thing homewrecker but I do love her earrings!

Well, now that I've gotten a few blah blah blahs out of the way, look forward to normal posts in the future. Posts that maybe are just slightly less all over the place.


  1. Fun post.

    I don't care about Teo, beyonce lip-synching, or MJ either. And my daughter is one of the best dressed toddlers I've ever seen. (Not even being biased!) ;)

    I don't understand how any mother can be pro-choice. I mean, they know the miracle of life, no!? Ugh. I'll stay quiet.

  2. Excuse me!? Cookie dough vodka! OMG, first post-pregnancy drink!

  3. I can't for the life of me think of anything to mix with that vodka. I've had the whipped cream flavor before but literally just did shots of it.

    Hmm maybe look up recipes for chocolate martinis or frozen drinks (maybe get some mudslide mix and use your vodka instead of basic vodka, or make white russians with it???

    This whole post made me giggle left and right. Keep, keeping it real girl.


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