Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Quick to Judge

I had to run to Kroger last night to grab a few things last night. Among those things were items that I was buying with my WIC checks. gasp. jaw drop. tsk tsk. judge. That's right. My daughter is a WIC recipient. I was so embarrassed when I first applied. Like- embarrassed. I forced myself to go in and apply though. Then I will admit it took TWO months for me to actually go in and use them. Then finally it dawned on me- I am providing for my child, and if these help ensure there are basic grocery staples in the kitchen, then that's what I'm going to do. I am totally fine with it now. I have a system, and I try to make it easy for the clerk, and quick for the other customers waiting behind me.

Then it happened.

Some young ignorant rude bitch.

She was standing in line behind me. Of all the lanes, she chose mine.

She walked up at the end of the transaction really. Her wait was not affected by my method of payment.

"ugh. Maybe if she wasn't carrying that coach bag and buying trash magazines she wouldn't need those WIC checks"

Yes. She turned to her snotty little friend and let the words cross her lips. Out loud. So I could hear. So could the cashier and bagger.

I felt embarrassed again. I felt angry. I felt happy that my daughter wasn't there.
I said nothing, just smiled, thanked the cashier, and walked out.

I wanted to rip her ugly face off. I wanted to tell her that the coach bag on my arm was a gift for my 21st birthday, long before I needed WIC. I wanted to remind her that, at best, I could sell that bag for $100 that would have been $4 short of paying for today's transaction. Then what? I wanted to tell her my "trash magazine" was my version of "me time". I read them while laying next to my sleeping toddler that I'm raising alone & can't afford a babysitter to leave her on my only nights off to go get pedicures & drink margaritas with the girls. I wanted to step up on my soapbox about "walking a mile in my shoes" or judging someone before you know them. I really just wanted to SCREAM "you don't KNOW ME, bitch!" punch her in the nose, and then toss my coach bag over my shoulder and storm out, throwing up the middle finger to anyone that gave me side eye.

I didn't do those things. I'm glad I didn't. BUT I did need to get it out. And that's what my old blog here is for. So please, please, please, before you cast your quick judgement on someone, just remember... YOU DONT KNOW WHAT THE HELL YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT.

Haha I need to work on my tact. My delivery is sometimes not as graceful as I would like, but hey, it works.

Also... for the record- I do realize people take advantage of these programs. They are in place to help, and intended to be temporary help, not permanent support. I get that. And I am the first one to say some of our government assistance programs need some reviewing. But that is some people. Not all people. So to think that everytime you see someone with a WIC check is ignorant. And another for the record, just because you think it doesn't mean you should say it. BUT, if you do say it, you should be punched in the face. Period.


  1. Good for you for not acting on your thoughts, but I totally agree all your thoughts were justified. The past year has taught me a LOT about compassion and how few people have it. But at the same time, the past year has taught me how thankful I am for those who DO have it, and how blessed I am to have those people in my life. You are included in that list. And I'm proud of you for doing what it takes to provide for your little girl, no matter what. :-)

  2. Amen for doing whats best for your little girl.You're a smart momma! And mad props for not punching her in the face, I probably would have :)


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