Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weekend Brain Dump

This was fun last time. So here we go..

I had to fax something this week & our home machine was acting cray. (I love saying cray!) Someone suggested going to UPS... so I did. Then I about fell out when he told me (of course AFTER the fax had gone through & I couldn't laugh and walk out) that it would be $10. TEN FREAKING DOLLARS. TEN! For a fax. One single fax. I could have near about overnighted it through the USPS for that much. I wanted to throat punch him. I made him repeat himself twice. Then I said "how much was that cover page?!" He didn't think I was funny. Nor I him.

Isn't it strange how a song can affect you? I mean there are some songs that within the first few notes you can't help but be overcome. Whether it's smiling thinking of a fun time or crying thinking of a love lost or suddenly feeling wide awake after a long night shift ready to dance your pants off. It literally can take me back to a specific moment in time. I love getting lost in an old CD sometimes.

We went to a livestock auction yesterday. We were outbid on the baby goats and I will admit I am a little bummed about it still. Prissy does have 3 new baby bunny rabbits though! This girl was in heaven with all the animals everywhere. I can't deny it- my girl is a country girl at heart!

I finally broke down & bought big girl bedding. I paid too much (in my opinion) but apparently that's standard for bedding. I can't wait for it to get here & finally get to work setting up her room.

I had to get a money order the other day. I went to my mom's bank because it was for her & it was in the same shopping center that I was already in. Of course, they couldn't do it for me. So I went to MY bank. Yes, the bank that I have used since I set up my very first account. And you know what they wanted to charge me? Five bucks... am I the only one that thinks that's crazy? I feel like you should be able to do these kinds of things at your own bank free of charge. Wishful thinking maybe, but that seems like it should just be one of the perks of banking with them. I was annoyed. So I went to the gas station (now this is the THIRD stop for 1 dumb money order) and paid 99 cents. Yep.. 99 cents at the gas station that I never even get gas at.. yet my bank that I use every day and have used for years wants to charge $5. sigh....

My mom told me yesterday that I need to "start thinking about" what I want for my birthday and let her know. Umm........... I gave her my list WEEKS ago. And my birthday is in 2 weeks. So I really assumed it was already on a FedEx truck heading this way. Anxiety! I am going to be ordering myself a little happy tonight "from Aubrey Jo".

I hate Leann Rimes. Hate. Homewrecker. That song... "borrowed"? Are we serious? I hate her.

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