Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Aubrey Jo Update

Just a quick update on Miss Priss.. in photos

She is obsessed with the self portrait mode on my phone. I have to delete dozens of them a day.
She really gets excited when other people will "cheeeeeese" for her!

I moved to an earlier shift and am doing bath time routine again. I love it. She loves those little bath color tablets. I can't get her to bathe in normal water anymore.

We have started her big girl room. She loves it and while I am still in shock at the prices of this crap, I love it too!

Some of you may know, Aubrey Jo quit talking last year. She has developed her own sign language and communicates pretty well in her own ways. She has started saying a few things again though. I think she may mix up the sounds of her m & d though. I won't know more until she expands her vocabulary a little more though. But for now, I am "dada" when she says it. But if I say "am I dada?" she says "no! dada" and I say "am I mama?" and she nods "dada". Maddie our dog is daddie. Mimi is deedee. But if WE say dada deedee or daddie, she gets really mad and makes us say it right. So she hears it right, but isn't saying it herself. Obviously, I wish she would call me *anything* but dada. I don't mind the dog being daddie though. ;)

We got lots and lots of rain. Like for days on end. Once we had a pretty day, we could not keep these 2 out of the puddles! They are the best of friends
We are co-sleeping still. I love being there when she falls asleep and when she wakes up.
She is doing a lot better now too. However.. as you can see... she is kind of a bed hog.

She has broken 3 pairs of mimi's glasses so far... but I mean that face is so cute, none of us can say no.

She started preschool this week. She loves it. She made tons of new friends. She was happy to see mimi when she picked her up, but wanted mimi to stay there with her rather than going home. The only thing we gotta work on though is drinking. No lids/straws at school. So we have to get busy working on drinking from a big girl cup. I say she's still just a baby!!

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  1. Sweet girl! I love that she calls the dog daddie. ;) Are you in Jacksonville??! I am and I've had the toughest time trying to find other bloggers in the area.


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