Friday, March 22, 2013

Easter Bunny 2013

Happy Easter!

Aubrey Jo did SO well with Santa that is never occurred to me she would possibly do this. We walked up & she was fine, as long as there was a fence. As soon as we walked up to him though? I have had better luck bathing cats! As you can see, I even tried holding EB's hand.. that just pissed her off.....

And then....
 Oh look, EB carries change. That's right folks. This mama & that Easter Bunny bribed a 2 year old with 2 pennies. She was FURIOUS that we were going to let him keep "papas money" that she promptly got over her fear and walked right up to him. Everyone has a price, and today, her's was $0.02
Anyone with money is a friend of hers.

Seriously, hugs & kisses as we were leaving... nobody could believe this was the same kid that wouldn't even open her eyes 30 minutes ago (yes, seriously this was an event).

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