Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Thank you, Nene!

"Keep your legs closed to married men!"

Nene said it best.

I'm so sick of hearing "it's not her fault, he's the one that cheated."

Well, hypothetically, what if the (alleged) homewrecking whore was married too. Then could you blame her too? Hypothetically.

What if, hypothetically, women just had the common decency to leave other women alone? Or if, hypothetically, they just raised their standards & decided they deserve to be more than "the other woman"?

"I didn't know" well, hypothetically, when you started "flirty texting" this man you did a quick google search. Land on his Facebook. Hypothetically, I bet he had pictures or statuses of his wife & child. Hypothetically.

"All we talk about is how much he wants his family back." well, hypothetically, his family probably left because he was too busy "talking" to you. Hypothetically. Tell him to go "talk" to his wife instead. Hypothetically, perhaps you have someone at home too that YOU should be "talking" to?

"he isn't really happy with her." Hypothetically, if he is a little tied up with you all the time, then no. He probably isn't happy with her... Or putting forth the effort to GET happy again. Also, she probably suspects that you exist & isn't interested in making HIM "happy." hypothetically.

All of this is hypothetical of course. Not based on any real life people or events. Just sayin....

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