Monday, March 4, 2013

What ya Readin?

Recently, I've read some really great books!
 This book has completely changed the way I pray. The way I look at prayer. I mean.. it's a really great book. Really. Great. Book. I can't imagine that anyone would read this & not walk away rethinking their prayer life. Most the times, I read a book once then give it to a friend. Well, I'm being selfish with this one. I want to re-read it. Many many times.
 I will admit, I am only about half way through. But I really have enjoyed this book. I think especially mamas or soon to be mamas would enjoy it.
Haha.. umm OK so this book is 100% different than the other 2. I mean, there is talk of threesomes, f-bombs & a homewrecking whore. But, I love Brandi. And woah! Could I possibly relate any more to a stranger? The only difference in our situations are a few extra 0's in the bank. If you like Brandi, you will love this book. I could hear her voice while I was reading it.

What are you reading? Anything good?

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