Wednesday, April 17, 2013

So What!

Today, I'm joining Shannon & saying "so what" to...

The fact that I started this post last Thursday... Surely I'm not the first person to lose track of the days.

Being dead tired at work all day after an all night movie marathon. My baby was sick & wanted to watch Tangled just "one more time"

Those lemon drop cupcakes I bought at Sam's last night… I bought kale too so it balances, right?

Not spending the weekend in Florida; I have a full DVR just waiting on me!

90 degrees outside? That's great, but it's still freezing in the Gecko building so my wardrobe really hasn't changed. The looks I get in my sweater picking up my tank top clad toddler never get old.

Yes, this morning I was tough mom threatening to go home & nap before picking up Priss from school. But by noon, I didn't care about how early 4am was, I'm just ready to get my boo early & love on her!

I cannot get enough of snacking on bananas with "White Chocolate Wonderful" peanut butter. I mean, it's like I'm pregnant again the way I crave it. Except when I was pregnant, it was watermelon & frozen grapes.

It's "just clothes" I joined the crazies for the fight for that bohemian short set on SA and won.. and it was SO worth it! I couldn't stop grinning when she wore it to school. In my mind, ALL parents are as stupid as I am and were green with envy when they saw her lol... (yes, I realize she is probably the only child there with a "facebook" wardrobe!)

I may or may not have been short on $$ so compensated my babysitter with liquor. I swear she is 21! And she said "I like cocktails" so to me that said "I accept booze for payment after a day with your child".

Not actually being their "aunt" (as I was reminded) I am still very excited for my (almost ex)BIL & SIL who recently found out they are pregnant with TWINS! Go figure it takes us not being family anymore for me to be at the best place with said SIL and actually want to be part of their excitement & let them be in on mine.


So What Wednesday

What are you saying "so what" to?


  1. I start posts and take days to finish them too :)

  2. White chocolate wonderful peanut butter? How have I never heard of this? It sounds to die for!

  3. Oh Tangled...we watch it at least 5 times a week I'd say! Minimum.


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