Saturday, May 18, 2013

Divorce & Technology

Confession. All those albums on Facebook from my marriage? Not deleted. Just tighter privacy. Scroll far enough back & they're still on my IG feed & mobile upload album. I just deleted them off my iPhone memory only because I was running out of storage. (anyone know how to back them up somewhere?)

The 1 year mark is quickly approaching. And I just now today deleted our email account from my phone. You know, OUR account. I long ago sent a mass email to our contacts letting them know our new personal email addresses. But I didn't delete it. I was still receiving anniversary countdowns & updates from the knot/nest/bump. Stores went crazy in Feb & March for us to show each other our love with valentines & birthday shopping reminders. Why? Why did I torture myself with this for a whole year? Dumb.

No more!

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