Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I know a girl...

I know a girl going through a situation similar to mine. Her almost-ex-husband recently dropped a text bomb on her that left my jaw on the floor. 

He asked her what happened to them. They used to be the couple to be, he said, hot young & liked to party. 

I wish I could have yanked the phone out of her shaky hands & let him have it. What happened? Those hot young party animals grew up. Or one of them did. When you start having babies, the parties slow down. They stop. Or they should. 

If you're marrying someone based on age, looks, or social calendars, I have news for you. It's going to end. None of those things are forever. 

If you're left by someone who is looking for hot young parties, I have news for you too. You're better off. He will soon leave the next one too. You are beautiful. You are still young. And you are the life of the party at every play date. That's all that matters. So chin up!

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