Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day Tears

Memorial Day last year was the day my life spun on its head. I knew things were bad. But I didn't know how bad. I didn't know memorial day would be our last holiday- our last day- as a family together.

That morning, we got up, my husband was off work so we hit up the pool. His phone was going crazy. He said it was his brother. Which was weird since he said he didn't talk to his brother anymore. What's weirder? When I picked up his phone, history cleared. Ladies, listen up... You aren't the bad guy. If he's deleting texts, you have bigger issues than you being "nosy & controlling".

When we went in for lunch, I put the baby down for nap & he got dressed. Trust me, I was as confused watching as you are reading. Why is he getting dressed? She is going to nap at least 2 hours. We have plenty of time to kick up our feet and relax.

Except he had no plans of lounging with his wife. He was going to a holiday cookout. And we weren't welcome to join him. I asked, then insisted, then begged, and then I cried. He said no. And yall? He meant no. At the time I thought I cried because I was a SAHM & frankly the last thing I wanted to do was spend the holiday at home alone with the baby. Like every other day. I think deep down, I knew there was more going on. But I still tried to deny it.

When he got home, of course the baby was up from nap & I was agitated. He, naturally, was ready to take a nap. So we fought. We really fought. He said he needed me & the baby to go to my mom & dads "for a few days". I thought it wasn't a bad idea. I didn't want to look at his face either. So I called my mom, she sent me some gas money & we drove to GA.

Those of you who know my story know that I didn't make the drive back home.

I am sad that it ended. I am sad that I'm in the position I'm in now. BUT I am so glad my mom had $100 to send me. Because if she hadn't, he may have not gotten caught & I would still be playing his foolish Mrs. Best money she's ever spent!

Miss Priss has no clue in this picture how much her life will change the very next day.....

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  1. Oh my goodness, sweet girl, I'm so sorry you've had to deal with such heartache. But I'm so glad you got out! Praying for you and sending you hugs!


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