Monday, June 10, 2013

20's Bucket List

I found this old "bucket list" of sorts that I wrote shortly after we got married. It was 30 things I wanted to do before I turned 30. Now, at 25, it kind of makes me laugh... let's take a look, shall we?

be without car/credit card debt (so close!)
I am free of car debt. But my credit card... still lingering.

dance on a bar... with my mom
I haven't. But this would still be kind of fun. Though unlikely. I should have done this before baby...

buy our first home
I mean.. obviously. Didn't. Won't.

(learn to) change a flat tire by myself
yep. Girl power!

go skydiving
Should have done this before I was a mom. I can't risk dying now, leaving my child essentially an orphan.

take a trip abroad
Unhappy marriages, long drawn out divorces, and single motherhood is not lending itself to any traveling.

meet Dinah (Gina Tognoni) from Guiding Light
sadly still no,

become a mommy

go to Surf Camp in Costa Rica!

find a way to repay my grandparents
I can never repay them! They just keep getting more awesome.

get arrested for something silly (don't worry mom, nothing serious!)
Not interested anymore. This is not cute on a mom.

host a holiday at our house
No. Didn't. Won't.

make peace with my in-laws
I think I've mentioned this. The one that hated me the very most actually has been quite pleasant & enjoyable since the divorce, ironically. The rest? No. And they're not my in-laws anymore so I don't guess it matters...

buy a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes
Waiting for that sugar daddy now...

be a guest in the audience at Oprah
No longer an option

master my culinary skills

sport a 6-pack (and I don't mean beer)
hahahaha really, Jules? No, Just no.

have a close encounter with Britney Spears
Greg did take me to a concert that was the highlight of my early 20's. BUT not close enough.

fly First Class
I have no plans of flying any time soon. so...

hop in a taxi and say those magic words "follow that van!"
Why the hell would I hop in a taxi? Stranger danger!

read all the way through The Bible - cover to cover
Working on it

take a roadtrip... on a motorcycle
Nope. I value my life. Again, not making my child an orphan

go watch a movie alone
Since I'm single now, this is actually a depressing reality rather than a confident escape lol

pick up the check for a stranger
Does McDonald's count? I say yes.

drink champagne on a sailboat
Bring it on, lover!

hike up to the HOLLYWOOD sign
Not much traveling happening..

shoot something and hit what I'm aiming at

win something

donate blood
ew.. no. Why did I ever write this?

carve a heart with our initials in a tree, or wet concrete
many lolz

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  1. Get arrested made me laugh - come on girl, all the cool Teen Moms are doing it! ;)

    It's so funny how much we change over a few years isn't it?

    I would say you could put most of these on a life bucket list. Eventually you can do some of these things... Costa Rica Surf Camp, absolutely, one day. Who cares if you're 50. I have a plan to learn to surf before I'm 40... I have 3.5 years to do this... I hope I can make it happen if not I'm going to say 50... haha


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