Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day Weekend

If you're expecting me to glorify being a single mom & how I'm playing both roles, you'll be disappointed. I recognize that I can do many things, and have, but one thing I can't do is be a male role model for my daughter. I can show her what to expect, what not to settle for, and how to be a woman. But I can't be a man. Fortunately, I don't have to. When her daddy walked out, there were no shortage of men willing to be that example. Men that love their wives, support their families, encourage their children, and love the Lord. They aren't her daddy, but they don't want to be. They are great at what they are though- uncles, cousins, grandparent & great-grands, and even just friends- men. Men who are blessed & a blessing. 

We enjoyed this weekend in Cincinnati celebrating some of those men, but also celebrating the greatest example of love- our Heavenly Father. 

The most beautiful sunset somewhere in TN on our way. 

Y'all, I have the sweetest, happiest, cutest nephew in the whole world! I joke with my sister all the time that he was supposed to be mine. He's too precious to belong to her ;) He came into our room Saturday morning to wake his sleeping cousin & she was SO happy to see him, her KK & Tio Andrew!
Even the happiest of babies can only handle so much shopping though. After barely 3 stores with his mama, mimi & granny, he could stand it no longer. Even I was kinda exhausted. Those women can shop! And my child was right with them. Lord help me...
We had lunch at IPH with the most amaaaazing view of my sister & BIL's city. This place almost had me thinking I could be a Cincy girl... Almost. Until we had to drive again; major traffic anxiety!
My daddy. Such an amazing man. He knows better than most that a daddy's job isn't done after the 18th birthday. He took me & prissy in last year without a 2nd thought. In fact, he took off work to go get our stuff & has listened to my dramas with a patient heart over & over. I love him so very much & am so happy my daughter has him every single day loving her unconditionally. 
Even sweet baby Anderson will protect his big cousin as they grow up. I pity the boy that tries to take this little lady out one day. He will have to go through these men first. Bless his heart...

Sunday my nephew was baptized. How cute is his outfit? 
We don't have many pictures of Aubrey Jo because this is the kind of mood she was in. 
See what I'm saying?
Catholics also don't have a church nursery. Fun times, y'all!
Sweet baby Anderson's God-parents. They were good to my sister when she first moved there, so I have full confidence they will love my sweet nephew like their own. Heck, I was borderline tempted to leave MY child with them. I tried sneaking her in with their girls but they noticed the extra bow. Darn...
I did really enjoy though experiencing a catholic mass. My daddy grew up catholic, so I felt lucky to be able to see him at "home". I am baptist, and think I'll remain a baptist. But the church & the service were beautiful. 
Poor thing was exhausted!
She was in a much happier mood once we got back to my sister's home & she could run and play. 
After the party, we left the kids with the grands & went out. It was really nice to just relax & enjoy some time with my sister & BIL. We laughed, walked downtown, got dinner, just chatted. I miss her so much & am thrilled to be able to rebuild my relationship with her and get to know her husband too. It's SO important. 
Cousins saying goodbye Monday morning :(

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