Thursday, June 6, 2013


Joining one of my very most favorite bloggers, Sonja, for one of my very most favorite topics. A laundry list of people (places or things...) that need to seriously pipe the f*ck down.

Angelina Jolie. I don't care how many kids you adopt or boobs you remove. You'll always be a Homewrecker to me. And you need to pipe down. I'm over you. 
Trends. You know. The shorts that leave half the ass exposed. Bras as shirts. See-thru pants. Greased hair. Piercings in random places- collar, cheek, arm, etc. Pipe down. I'm too old & tired to deal with this nonsense. I promise, you aren't cute. My child will one day want to be trendy. And this shit better pipe down. 
People who snark when I wish them a good day. Honestly. What would you rather: "have a good day" or "I hope the rest of your day is as crappy as your personality"? Exactly. So take it. And pipe down. 
My past. You keep creeping back up. Pipe down. 
I agree with Sonja. Sponsored posts. They've spilled from blogs to twitter. I'm over it. Let's be real again. I miss YOU. Even my instafeed is starting to be spammed. Pipe down!

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  1. yes the odd trends... I keep waiting for someone to get a dog surgically attached to their face as a trend.

    Ugh Angelina... we get it, you're heroic and awesome and still a home wrecker. Agreed!


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