Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tell Me What I Want To Hear

I confess. Sometimes I just need to hear certain things. I think most people have those moments, but for some reason, we don't like to admit it. We know what we need to hear & who is willing to say it.

This past year, I have really mastered this art. I know who will tell me it's OK to go back. I know who will tell me to stay away. I know who will make me laugh. I know who will distract me. And I know who will bring me back to real life. And I know when I need more or less of each of those people.

Recently, I have reconnected with an old friend. And she has a way of saying exactly what I need. Without passing judgment, or telling me what I should or shouldn't do. It has been exactly what I have been needing. She starts every day with a "good morning" text that includes an uplifting quote or funny picture. Just a small gesture that starts each day with a smile.

Share a picture with her of the whore? "That's her? She isn't even cute like NOT at allllll"

Tell her I 2nd guess my decision? "I have faith and support whatever you choose to do. Just make sure you're making yourself & Aubrey happy first" (complete with a smooch emoticon)

She agrees with me in one moment that he could change. That deep down he could be good. That there could be a logic behind the madness. But she hates him with me when I need to just hate him for what he did (is doing) to our family. Then she is right there with me wishing "get out of jail free cards" were real so we could just handle some business.

And, as she always has, she is ready & willing to try a new jello shot recipe at the drop of a hat. Only now, it's less "drop of the hat" and more "lets plan when you have a long weekend and we can utilize a grandma to babysit so we can sleep through our inevitable hangovers".

You need friends. I regret letting my marriage put a wedge in so many friendships. I am fortunate that so many of my friends are awesome enough to have been waiting for me with open arms. They have embraced me again & I love them more than I could tell them! I look forward to rebuilding these relationships and not making the same mistakes again (=


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  1. As we age we realize how important it is to have different types of friends. They are all friends some are true blue, some are the girls you meet when you need to go out and dance the night way, others are the ones you'll never leave that will never leave you, others are the ones you met through a sig other... in a way they all mean something and they all have helped shape you into the woman you are, good or bad. Learning from it all is what's important and gaining the support you need through tough times helps you realize who are the ones you'll always hold on to. I'm so happy you have someone that will build you up and help knock others down, who will take you as you are and support you regardless. We all need this soulmate friend in our lives!!! ox


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