Saturday, July 13, 2013

College-Bound Blankie

When I was pregnant, I knew 2 things: my baby would NOT take a binkie or a blankie. Well, we all know things change quite a bit once we cross from being a mom judger to a judged mom. 

Aubrey Jo started trying to suck her thumb almost immediately. So I popped a bink in her mouth faster than my husband could flash the "but you said..." side eye. Binkies are easier to take away than a thumb was my thought. She ended up just quit wanting it on her own though around 4ish months. *whew*

Blankie is a whole different story though. When she was a baby I made a real effort to rotate out a couple different blankies. But, much to my dismay, she still grew attached to one particular one. She eventually quit even accepting the others. I told myself at her 1st bday it was GONE! 

But... she has a Nov bday. So it was cold. Lets take it away in the summer. 

But... that makes no sense. Lets take it at her 2nd bday. 

But... she's had enough change this year. I will take it away when we transition to a big girl bed. One swift move. 

But... she loves it. I have to do enough "dirty work". Why pick a fight? It's not that big of a deal. 

I'm setting no false expectations for a 3rd birthday. She can explain to her college roomie why she has to bring her blankie (and her mommy... But that's another fight for another day) to college with her. 

Her first photo with her beloved blankie  

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  1. True story: I'm 28 years old and there is a piece of my first Bwee Bwee (blankie) that's survived life and lives in my bedroom. I don't sleep with it, but it's around, and it's a (probably immature) real comfort to know it is still there.


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