Friday, July 12, 2013

Five on Friday

Well... I am a little late to this party. But I am playing along anyways (=
1. This was prissy's first fireworks show. THE FIRST ONE! Ever... As if making my child wait until she was 2.5 wasn't enough of a mom fail... this is the only picture I got
Horrible quality snapped with my iPhone. But I cherish it. Such a sweet moment with my Prissy girl & my daddy. She was squealing & clapping and kept telling everyone around us to look at the fireworks (because instead everyone was watching her and laughing). I think we ALL felt like it was our 1st show. Seeing it through a toddler's eyes is such a blessing and a gift.
2. My friend sent me this. I have been going through the ringer lately and confiding in her a little bit. I mentioned here how much I appreciate her open ear. And also? These make me smile in the midst of chaos. Love it!
3. Ashley posted about these matching outfits and pretty much immediately I know Prissy & I needed them. She was SO excited when the package o' pineapples came and I can't wait to wear them together (= We are going to be so *fancy* ;)
4. Is anyone else watching Big Brother? I am obsessed. Watched every season. HUGE Brenchel fan & am so happy to see Elissa surviving each week. I think I am going to try to get my information together for casting next season... and fingers crossed yall would vote for me for whatever power CBS gives America ;)
Don't worry, I promise to get my workout on so I am ready for this standard cast photo!
5. I can't even tell you how hard it is to wake myself up and get to work for this 5am shift. BUT the fact that I get to have fun lunch or afternoon ice cream dates with my tiny bestie makes it ALL worth it.
Happy Friday, y'all (= Enjoy your weekend


  1. Hey! I just stumbled upon your blog through the link-up and I was instantly hooked. I may or may not have stalked way back through your posts (I did) and you're so strong! Keep doing what your doing! P.S. your daughter is beautiful!

  2. Yay for matching fancy outfits! I bet you will both look so adorable in them! Happy weekend! xo, Ashley


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