Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Our Dirty Little 4th

Middle Georgia has been getting some out of control rain lately! And sadly, 4th of July was no exception. All of our local celebrations were post poned & we ended up just spending the day lounging around, watching movies. Not too bad, I have to admit. And since the thing we were most excited about was celebrating at the mud bog over the weekend, we weren't too bummed to miss out on the actual 4th.

Loaded up, ready to go!

Aubrey Jo & Colt Ford! We are big fans & jam out to his songs all the time. They were filming a video and as soon as she heard the music? She went RUNNING across the field and wiggled her way right front & center. God bless her.

This? Not the "cutest" or "most fabulous" look on me. But that was the old blog. This? Is just me & my girl having fun.. and I do mean real F-U-N!
We did get poured down on Friday night & had to run for cover in the truck. This kid though was not planning on letting a little rain ruin her good mood. That's a face of pure toddler bliss! Love her.

This was from the video. We spotted a handsome man with a jacked up truck & gravitated ;) he let her get up on the hood & that's all she wrote. Girlfriend was doing some serious mean mugging.

Marcus of Old Southern Moonshine Revival
Throwing bows with my dad to get right up front & center!

Pretty sure our celebration can be summed up with "hashtag merica" ;)
Hope you all had a fun holiday weekend!

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  1. This entire weekend looks like SO much fun! Mud, rigs, 4wheelers and tunes! Awesome!


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