Thursday, July 11, 2013

So What Wednes... damn

umm, it's Thursday. And Shannon is on vacation so didn't even do SWW yesterday.
Guess what? I will start this post with a SO WHAT to that....

Also saying so what to

You may be the shop owner and technically get the final say. But really? You're selling on Etsy. Accept my damn PP so I don't have to dig around and find my wallet and then have to look at my bank statement going down. It's easier to pretend like PP funds aren't "real" money.

I originally was going to share a little bit of the changes I've made to drop a few pants sizes after posting about it on IG but then I posted this picture & decided I better put that off for another time.

My place of employment sent out a "social media" email this week requesting that we not take any photos or videos from inside the building. But.. but.. HOW will I update the instagram on what I ate for lunch or post an OOTD from the bathroom? Seriously, employer, the cyber world may stop spinning. Do not make me stand outside the entrance to update the twitter, I beg of you.

My family was involved in a group text this morning involving simply pictures or videos of our toes. It went on longer than most sane (and sober) people would tolerate. It's better though than the last time when it was all about dat bootay. We're a special family..

I started Tuesday with a green juice... and ended with downing an entire pizza.. plus some of Aubrey Jo's pretzel bites.. plus some ice cream. I call it a "well rounded" diet... and ass.

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