Wednesday, July 3, 2013

So What Wednesday

Joining Shannon for SWW

So what if...

  • Aubrey Jo's birthday isn't until November... but I have already made a few party purchases. What can I say, it's been a rough couple weeks & stress makes me spendy.
  • I've eaten my WEIGHT in Reese's dip. Again.. I'm blaming stress. Don't judge me. Spendy & snacky. That's not new members of the dwarfs, that's me.
  • It's unpopular; I support Paula Deen, A&F and think George Zimmerman should walk. Blah. There it is. That's where I'll leave it.
  • I was reminded I'm not technically their aunt. My (almost) ex-SIL is having twins. And what's cuter than little baby girl clothes? DOUBLE the little baby girl clothes. And as long as my daughter is allowed to be called technically their cousin, we will cave to our urges from time to time ;)
  • It is extremely disrespectful, and I know it. But damn it is hilarious when my kid growls at me when I don't give her her way.
  • Shannon, I too kind of love Elissa. I was a Rachel fan though so that's a given.. grab a lifevest! ;) And I don't get some "popular" bloggers. oookayyy....

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