Thursday, August 22, 2013

Being Her Example

Solo parenting comes with many challenges. It's a trial & error constant teaching experience. The most important thing though is remembering 2 little eyes are watching. She is always watching me & one day she will remember the example I set. My primary job is to make sure that example is a good one.

I never want my daughter to view me as a victim; to pity me. I want her to see a strong, capable, brave woman. In every sense; literally & figuratively. I don't want her to feel like she "needs a man"... Not even for the heavy lifting. 

Today she watched her mama move & load a living room set right by herself. She even stopped picking flowers & chasing butterflies to carry the cushions for me. After she dropped them, she made me feel her muscles & clap. I was pretty proud of us both. 

This has a double significance to me though. You see, I was formally introduced to my husband when he delivered the furniture I bought from his brother. When I met him, his profession was manager at a moving company. He moved furniture all day every day. He moved our furniture each time we moved or bought a new set. That was "his job" while I carried pillows & clothes. So this really felt awesome moving out the old couches by myself. I did it. I figured it out. I lifted, tilted, loaded and hauled. Would he have done it differently? I'm sure. Those couches filled the bed of a truck that I'm sure he could have packed twice as much in. But that's ok. I did the job. It's done. And I did it by myself. With my daughter watching every step.

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  1. I love this so much. I've known all my life that my mom is a super strong woman, bu since she's been widowed and on her own, that's increased so much more. She's such a huge inspiration and I know Aubrey Jo thinks and will continue to think the same of you!


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