Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Blogging Made Me Do It

We have all fallen victim to the social media peer pressure. Crystal is hosting a fun link-up confessional. I feel like I should start this post with "Hi, my name is Julianne and I'm a social-media-shopaholic." And you all say in unison "welcome, Julianne". 

I think the most obvious purchase to start this one with are the damn gold polka dot pajamas that social media bought out at Target last year. Target probably just sat back laughing their asses off tossing hundred dollar bills in the air watching us empty their inventory every time they restocked these things. If they put these back on the racks this year and slap a label on it stating "limited edition re-release" people would probably camp out for days. Y'all, we are just crazy. Plain ole crazy. I even joined the crowd that then took them to be monogrammed. Yeah, you heard me. Then instagrammed the shit out of them. 

For what it's worth though... I never bought a bubble necklace. So there's that. 


  1. Love that quote! I may need to borrow it! And HOW did I moss anything in a target!?!? Those pjs are too cute!

  2. I love this haha! I tagged you in a getting to know me post if you're interested!


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