Monday, August 12, 2013

Chobani Flip

A few months ago, the Internet went bat shit crazy over these chobani flip products. I had been fighting the Greek yogurt craze for a while because it's freaking disgusting. But, the popular girls, all dolled up in their bubble necklaces & skinny jeans, slammed their fists on their $80 planners and told me I HAD TO give in now. obviously I did. 
And on Wednesdays I wear pink

I have mixed feelings about this. I was nervous to try it. I like all the flavors separately but mixing? Meh, not so sure. First bite, pleasantly surprised. Everything blends well & balances. Second third & fourth bites all good. Then it started going down hill. Maybe I just didn't mix it well? But suddenly the chocolate was way too rich, the pistachio was just as unwelcome as I had originally anticipated & the peach yogurt went the way of Greek. I couldn't finish it. Those last couple of bites were enough that I probably won't give it a 2nd chance. And that's coming from a woman that gave a cheating husband a 2nd... and 3rd... chance. 

There's a reason I couldn't find a fancy presentation photo for this one. It doesn't need one. It's perfect. Every bite. Every time. I was confused about the white chocolate chips but they work. It's the perfect flavor, as advertised. Not too "greeky" at all. If you don't like key lime, then you won't like this (umm, duh!) but it's sweet enough it can be a midnight dessert but not so sweet that I don't grab one for breakfast too. Perhaps there's hope for me at the popular table. 

Generally, I don't love anything "seedy". It gets in my teeth, and the tiny ones feel like chewing sand. Not so much the case here. I'm not sure if it just mixes with the yogurt or what, but no seeds in the teeth! I still wish it had more walnuts but it was good. I will buy more of this flavor. 

These are the 3 my local Kroger has that I picked up. They do carry a couple other flavors but anything coconut makes me gaggy, honey seems like it may only increase the greek yogurt, I did try the strawberry a few weeks ago but I don't remember how it was & haven't bought it again... So take that as you may. 

Side note: I had to re-type "honey" four times because my phone tried to auto correct to homie. As in "Rollin' wit my homies"... If I were a character from Clueless, that would guarantee my spot in a game of suck & blow. 

...not a sponsored post...
 all photos from google/Chobani Facebook Page

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