Friday, August 16, 2013

Five on Friday

I have been kinda slack lately in the blogger department. Everything else in my life seems to have flipped upside down lately. But the Five on Friday posts are easy because I can work on them all week. And, believe me, I do. You would think they would be more put together with a week of prep. You would be wrong.

When my sister and I were really little, my dad was in the military. This couple was very good friends of my parents. In fact, Rebecca was our nanny. Thanks to facebook, we all found each other again a few years ago. So this was really special for them to be able to see Aubrey Jo. They live relatively close to us now so I am excited to re-build that relationship now as an adult & share my sweet girl with people who had such a love for us. Not to mention being reunited with Lo, who was my mom's 1st Golden Retriever that kind of kick started her whole business. She has changed so much in appearance, but still my sweet (lazy ha!) girl.

Prissy had an accident the other day. Recently our mattress cover was ruined (I'm not happy about this still, I was super careful with cleaning but one day, it just quit working. The waterproof layer was worthless.) Since it has been so long since she was having accidents, I was lazy about getting a new one. Well, lesson learned. Because she soaked herself. I don't have "real life" photos of this event because anyone with a toddler knows exactly what the mattress looked like when I stripped the sheets. So I immediately took to the trusty internet as usual and found TONS of ideas for cleaning mattresses. However, only one that didn't involve a trip to the store. I had all ingredients on hand so I gave this one a try. Umm, it worked. Literally, almost immediately I saw it start to come up. It removed the stain AND there was no smell at all.
Mattress Pee Stain Removal
These things are life changing. Do you hear me? Life changing. I am not paid to say this. These have changed the way we do bath. Aubrey Jo gets SO excited when I tell her it's bath time and let her choose a color. We even get to have fun with color mixing, which only helps convince me that it's totally necessary... Educational, duh! She begs me all day to color the water. She used to love bath time but recently started connecting that bath time was just the starting line & bed time was the finish line. So she started crying & fighting baths. Even if I tried doing it in the morning or earlier in the evenings. Color Dropz totally put a stop to that. Go get them... now.

Sweet Baby Anderson is a fan too!

Did you guys read this article? Apparently too many selfies can damage your relationships. This made me laugh. Perhaps I should link back to this on my relationship manifesto posts. I think it's probably mostly us ladies though, right? When guys do it, we automatically label "douchebag" but when girls do it, we don't roll our eyes until about the 4,563,987,100th one. I'll say this though: snapchats don't count. What ELSE am I supposed to snap to show you that I'm gagging at my sister-in-law's snap of drinking pickle juice. Pregnant women are weird. Or how do I share with my BFF that I sound if I don't use the selfie mode while I belt it out? Exactly.... It did make me laugh though that it suggests (in bold letters) no bikini posts & to have "the social media talk" with your partner. "The Talk" has changed quite a bit since my parents got married back in the 80's.. heck, since I first started dating. Instagram, Facebook, myspace didn't exist. We only had AIM and there wasn't a selfie problem back then. I also walked to school... up hill both ways... barefoot... in the snow.
You guys. I can't even handle Big Brother this year. I really hope they make some moves & the summer heats up in these final weeks. I'm bored so far. They do exactly what I expect. Exactly what is safe. Exactly what "the house" wants. Umm, hello?! People, that is why they have HOH & Veto powers. So that individuals make decisions. Develop opinions, align yourself with a few people, and make some big moves. I mean, really! I am thinking I want to be on a future season and I promise I will vote my way, not how "the house" says I should. Also, you guys have to promise to give me America's Vote. K? Thanks.
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  1. I love the color tabs! My nephew won't take a bath without one!

  2. I totally saw that article!! Sometimes...well most of the time selfies are a bit awkward!

  3. I've never done those color tabs before - I'll have to give them a try. Though now my 2.5 year old insists on showering like a big kid and refuses to take baths again :(


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