Friday, August 23, 2013

Five on Friday

Friday already? We have had a really good week, which lately seems to be a rare thing around these parts. I just put Miss Priss down for the night & when I sat down to my DVR realized it was Friday. It crept up on me so quickly I almost missed to post my five...

Most mornings, I barely get the sleep out of my eyes before she is tugging my arm to rush off to school, so when Prissy woke up & said she didn't want to go to school I was surprised. When she pushed my head back down on the pillow though & said she just wanted to cuddle a little bit longer, I won't lie, I fell for it hook line & sinker. You got it babe, we can play hookey, no argument!

Every evening, Aubrey Jo helps me feed the bunnies and kitties. One evening, it was sprinkling a little & the wind was really going so it was nice and cool. We were both walking a little slower to enjoy it a little, I think. I tried showing her how to catch rain drops on her mouth but as soon as she tilted her head back, something in her said "TWIRL! TWIRL! TWIRL!" We quite literally took time to dance in the rain... it was really nice.

Isn't it funny though, I let her dress herself & she chose an underarmor shirt & tutu without a bow.. or shoes. Had I dressed her though, drug her out into the same day under the same sky & said "twirl for the camera" she would have ran from me and pouted. Typical toddler behavior...

Darci posted this one on her 5 on Friday post and I just loved it. Yes, exactly. This.


Do you remember how you functioned before pinterest? How did you get dressed, meal plan, or- God forbid- party plan? Well, I was searching for some old contacts recently and had to pull up my old email account. I was reminded how I did it... I emailed links to things that I liked to myself.

And, oh! Look! We even managed a first day of school photo. Say what?

I don't know how I have managed to skip the gym mom talk around here. Aubrey Jo takes tumbling classes twice a week and she loooooves it! I feel like a legit dance mom up in the rafters looking down on the class, but I think she does better not being able to lay her eyes on me so easily. She is a tiny tumbling rock star, Olympics 2024 here she comes!

Not the greatest photo but it cracks me up.


  1. "Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain." Favorite quote ever.

  2. I used to email myself links too! And even sent them to my mom with a "Megan'a Wish List" subject. Oh pre Pinterest. A simpler time.

  3. I love her tutu outfit, she did good! She is just too cute!


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