Monday, August 26, 2013

iPhone beloved iPhone

When I was 2 years old, we were military and stationed across the country from my granny & grandpa. My mom would video me singing to them or saying hello, blowing kisses or just playing. She would then take the tape out of the camera, pack it in bubble wrap & a small box, head to the post office, and a week later, my grandparents could watch what I was up to. Oh man, how they would look forward to getting that ole VHS in the mail. We still have those tapes and I know they wouldn't trade anything for them.
But times, they are a'changing. My granny recently upgraded her trusty old flip phone for an iPhone. Aubrey Jo looooves her granny and grandpa; she used to see them all the time when we lived in FL and since moving to GA a year ago, she asks at least twice a week for them. Now she gets to "see" them any time she wants!
This morning, I propped the phone up on the other side of the table and she got to have a little tea party with her great-granny. She would pour a cup and could barely contain herself when granny would then take a sip out of her coffee cup. Twenty years ago, this was not something my granny even considered would be possible... And yet here we are. They get to be part of her life in "real-time" anytime!
Long gone are the days of mailing VHS tapes. Now the only delay is waiting for granny to find her phone when she hears us calling...

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