Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Old Navy

I have mentioned a little bit that all of my clothes are too big now & I have nothing to wear. Which is why you see me in the same old things all.the.time. So I went to Old Navy yesterday while I was in town to hopefully stock up on some of those $19 jeans and grab a few basic tops for myself. Before I walked in, I warned my mom "do NOT let me even venture to the toddler section!"

We all know shopping for the littles is WAY more fun than shopping for ourselves. So I have to prepare myself before even walking into a store. Shop for you. Not her. She needs nothing. You are teetering on the edge of having to go out naked. Shop for you. Shop for you. Shop for you. Not her.

But, what had happened was.... I grabbed a couple jeans in my new size & because I still doubt myself, I had to try them on. You guys... Old Navy has the dressing room right smack dab in the middle of the black hole of toddler shopping death. It wasn't my fault.

I have been able to avoid shopping for her lately because stores still have summer stuff out & she really doesn't need more summer clothes. But leave it to ON to be dropping in a few fall pieces - including leggings for only $5, yes please! - like this super cute peplum top that she can wear right now & well into the coming months since we are in GA and short sleeves will carry her right through probably November. I couldn't find it online, but my store had one that was white with gold dots. Yes, I searched high and low for a matching one in my size; no such luck. But Miss Priss did get this, some new leggings & maybe another sweater dress that, no matter how hard we tried, my mom just couldn't leave the store without it.

Oh, and I did walk out with 2 pair of jeans that were on sale for $14!! But I was half way home still on my toddler-clothes-high before I realized I forgot to even walk back and find some tops for myself. So you can find me with the extremely well dressed toddler in my fitted jeans & my dad's work t-shirt. Sexy...

Are you still buying for summer or are you waiting for some of the fall/winter items to hit the stores? Or have they already started popping up where you live?

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