Monday, September 30, 2013

On Living Back At Home

Living back at my parents' house is certainly not easy. When I wanted to put up fall d├ęcor on August 1? My mom (and Siri) informed me that fall does not start until September 22. Cue smoke billowing out of my ears. Have I mentioned their plates are square? And so are the bowls and coffee mugs. WHO DOES THAT? I can barely function each and every meal dreaming of my beautiful round dishes in the closet.

My relationship with my dad is full of high's and low's. If he was a boyfriend, I would have dumped his toxic ass years ago. But, he's my daddy. And I just love the old troll. Plus, if I dumped him way back when, who would be my daughter's best frand?

Every once in a while we get some relief from the GA heat and get to enjoy some time outside after dinner. Walking fields, riding 4-wheelers, and for these 2- telling secrets and being silly on the hood of their favorite toy. On these days, in this moment, being back at home isn't so bad...


  1. Good to know, you still give your dad a chance and your family as well. Wish you and your family will work on together. I owe you much for sharing your thoughts on family related issue, for I am doing dissertation sample writing. Thanks for this.

  2. No one can junk a dad, at least if you still have that thing called love.


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