Monday, September 23, 2013

Painting with Apples

We have been having to spend more time at home than usual and Miss Priss is starting to get bored. I think we have colored our way through every coloring book and stack of printer paper in the house. Every book has been read and can be quoted now by memory. We have drug out and cleaned up toys until we are both just bored with them all. So what to do?
The weather is PERFECT here in Middle Georgia the last couple days. We can be outside and not sweat to death but we are nowhere near needing sleeves or layers. So we have been doing lots of outside fun. We play "I spy" and ride 4-wheelers and have been getting in some training sessions with the dogs. Today though I was a little lazy and was looking for an activity that didn't require a whole lot of movement. hashtag momoftheyear I know.

I bought a bunch of apples for juicing but apparently there was a reason that they were on sale. They were only days away from spoiling. So I didn't feel bad at all cutting them up and dipping them in paint. Plus, it's easier to clean than brushes- throw it all away! (see, easy lazy mommy activity)
Prissy really loved this activity! I allowed her to just do it how she wanted and didn't really have to give any direction. Bless her heart, she has a little OCD and wanted to keep all the colors separate and in their own lane.
My biggest takeaway though is this: Toddlers don't stop. They will paint all the day long and never get bored with it. So make sure you have extra paper for them to continue the fun on once you take up the canvas. We painted some paper and then just painted the plates. And then... when mommy turned her back... we painted our feet... and legs.. and arms.. and face..Then it was bathtime.

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