Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Pass

So is everyone watching Bethenny premiere week? I LOVE HER! I am really enjoying watching her each step of the way. I've quit my Kelly Ripa 9am habit to switch the channel to Bethenny. 

She keeps bringing up the topic of "the pass" so, as B says, I'm calling all my girls! (Maybe a man's opinion as well. Ask your husband & let me know.) Where do you stand on "the pass"? Is it a flat out no? Are there certain circumstances you would be open to it? If you know & agree, is it cheating?  Do you pick the girl? Does he go solo or is it more of an addition to what you already have going on? 

I'm coming from such a place of yes on this. As in, yes, feel free to go be with her... Forever. I was cheated on. If for no other reason than that alone, I cannot see myself ever opening that door and asking for it. 

Also, does the girl involved know she's a "pass" instead of a real interest? Doesn't that make her a ... Hussie? And we all know most women relate sex to feelings so now for she become a homewrecking whore? I mean...

Also... If you catch your significant other cheating, knowing he's a cheater, and stay with him anyways, are you not giving him a pass? You're saying "you did it, and I'm still here so it's ok with me." And he knows now, whether you say it or not, that he can do it. You've given him an unspoken pass, am I right?

Where are you on this topic?


  1. My fiance and I joke about it. His is Monica Belluci and mine is Matt Damon. Bottom line: NEVER going to happen.

    My dad used to say to my mom, 'Honey, if Cindy Crawford wanted me, I'd totally leave you for her."

    Mom would reply, "If she wanted you, you could go."

    Meaning, basically, it's so outside the realm of possibility that it's adorable to think of my regular old dad with a supermodel.

    Now, a "pass" for an ACTUAL person who has ACTUAL contact with my man? Never in a million years. Ever.

    1. Totally agree! It's obviously not as funny now, but my husband & I used to joke about it. His was Jessica Alba. My response was always "if she will have you, then please, by all means, go!" But a real person? Well, we see where real people landed my marriage ;)

  2. Cheating is the main reason Urijah's dad and I aren't together anymore. I found out at 3 months pregnant there was another woman the entire time he and I were together. Supposedly when I found out, he ended it with her. I stayed till urijah was almost 1 1/2. But I couldn't trust him and all the signs were still there. So no, I could never give my other half a "pass".

    1. I didn't know that! But I am with you. Once you've been cheated on, you know the hurt & can't fathom inviting that on yourself.


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