Friday, October 18, 2013

Five on Friday

OK "calling all my girls" for a wardrobe crisis! Someone tell me where I can get Bethenny's top... please? I mean, the woman does no wrong in my book. But this is a good top. It's real good.

A couple of weeks ago, my friend sent me a link to listen to a message from her church in the relationship series. I really felt like it hit home and I spent the next couple days thinking about it. Then, without thought, I found myself back on that link. And I started listening to the prayer series. I am really excited this series and am doing my "homework" each week. I have really lost (walked away from?) my quiet time with God lately. I ask people for prayer but rarely sat down and prayed myself. I am getting back to the fundamentals and already feel better. Even the days where I literally set my phone timer and just sit there quietly thinking "I have nothing to say to you". I'm there. And I know He is too. All I gotta do is show up. You can watch/listen here.

Well, I walked in to this yesterday. She had a whole stack of books she was "reading" to him.
I am way behind on my DVR. Like, way behind. Like, I just watched the farewell episode. And! Right? I thought they handled it so gracefully though. I love that they opened with Kurt addressing that they would NOT be addressing how he died. I totally ugly cried with Santana during "If I Die Young" and basically couldn't recover from then on. Got me.


  1. I was right there with you on the ugly crying..that episode really got me! Have a good weekend!

  2. hey doll! popped on over from the linkup. yay! just wanted to encourage you beacuse i loved reading your thoughts on quiet time!! i have been there to and completely agree...just need to "show up!" love it! thanks for sharing your heart, ladylove!


  3. Love that saying, so totally true! And your girl reading her books, too cute!!!


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