Friday, October 11, 2013

Five(ish) on Friday

I have been a little slack in the blog department lately. I promise I have drafts though, for whatever that's worth. Fridays always give me the perfect excuse to check in though with a few random thoughts and updates. So here we go.

Mcdonald's got it right with this one. SO GOOD! I realize it's "fall" but something about it just tasted like Christmas to me. Which, by the way, I am trying really hard not to get too excited about. I promise to enjoy the pumpkins and fun of fall. BUT dang it, I just love Christmas.
We traveled to Emory this week in Atlanta. I am really satisfied with the Dr we saw and while it isn't all good news, I am relieved to finally have a plan of action. Sitting and waiting left me feeling very helpless. I am admittedly a person that likes control and I have had a hard time just sitting and not being able to do anything the last couple months.

The puppies moved out of the house this week and are really getting fun. (But don't tell my mom I said that.) They run and play and looooove Aubrey Jo! This afternoon, she decided Garnet Boy needed a bath.

I mean, is everyone watching Survivor this year? I admit, I haven't watched since I felt like Rupert was done wrong (don't even get me started on this season again with him) but we are watching this year for Colton & Caleb. I am pretty sure Aubrey Jo would be happy if they adopted me as a wife so she could always be with her "C" as she so fondly refers to him. But... but but but! I actually became a "fan" this week when Caleb turned it out at tribal council. Oh Em Gee! Has that ever happened? Not in the years when I was watching. And also, we all know I am a Big Brother fan so I am really hoping to see Caleb and Hayden team up.

Confession. I have a 2 year old helping me write this. Which means even though I wrote this out in my head during bath time 15 minutes ago, when I sit down to the computer to actually compose it, I can't think about anything but the damn ponies on the kid's panties she is obsessed with and the milk she is very aggressively signing for. With that being said, mommy duty calls... so this is actually a 4 on Friday. It happens. Call the blog police...

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