Monday, October 7, 2013

I Love The Fair Again

The fair is back. I cannot believe it has been a whole year since I was this scared woman that missed out on my favorite week of the year! (Remember this?) Well, this year, we went. I took Aubrey Jo and we carved new paths through an old memory lane. We had THE BEST TIME! I am glad I didn't go last year because I really don't think I was ready. I had such anxiety walking in even this year. Aubrey Jo didn't let that last long though as she was running from one exhibit to another. Last year, I don't think she would have been as "in to" it as she was this year so it worked out. She was ready, I was ready, and we made that fair OURS!

Aubrey Jo hitched a ride with her papa after she spilled chocolate milk in her boots, which left huge blisters on her feet. I really thought our day was going to end right then and there before it even began. But, luckily we were able to simply rent a stroller and kept on trucking.
She really thought mimi was going to let her go swimming. Umm, no ma'am.

She has absolutely no fear! None. I dread the day she wants me to ride the "big" stuff with her. I will do it... but I will need to work on deep breaths.
The highlight of my night. I don't think she will ever understand the hurt she has been able to heal. This was huge for me. To be able to get on this dumb thing. To stand in line, between happy families, to watch them snuggle in the cart above and below us. To be OK with it. We got stopped at the top, and as though she knew, she just grabbed my face and LICKED ME from chin to ear. I just busted out laughing and hugged her tight. God gave me her for a reason. He knew I needed her as much as she needs me. I love this sweet girl SO much and cannot wait to make many many more years of memories together.

Fried reese cup? um.... yes please! I will take 3... with an fried snickers bar on a stick as well. Oh yes I did. Good bye weight loss!

20 something years later, and my daddy is STILL the best slide partner a girl could ask for (=

She was really proud of her winnings but was none to pleased that it was time to go back home. I think she would have just stayed all week and never stopped!

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  1. OMG I am dyinggg to go to the Perry Fair! I am so glad you were able to enjoy it again you are making priceless memories for that little one!


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