Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Memories are Bulky

I confess. I have chosen to fight the bulk over preserving the memories. During prissy's first year, I was at home and always had my phone, a "real" camera and even a video camera at my fingertips. No problem. We have tons of it all. But then it kind of just ends. I have been watching our old home videos lately and just want to cry. I hardly even remember those cooh's and that newborn cry. I love watching her rock on her knees and then running on her feet. We count each tooth and celebrate every new food... especially her first M&M cookie ;)

These days, we are always on the go. I hardly have any photos that aren't captured with an iPhone and zero "real" videos. I know, I know. Shame on me. But really, who has room in their purse for a phone, camera, video camera, plus the planner, change of clothes, stungun, wallet, lip gloss and 45786593276 bobby pins?

So I ask you... do you carry all of it? Do you just use your phone? How do you store the videos and photos you do have? My granny has tons of old albums with printed photos. I love being able to hold them but 2 things; 1- who has time to print ALL those photos when there are so many sites that will organize them in a nice little book for you (which site is your favorite?) and 2- the photos fade over time. They're so fragile, we are nervous each time we turn the page that we will destroy this precious time capsule. Confession: our videos are still just on the camera, we plug the camera directly into the TV. If you do carry it all, how? If you don't, do you fear you're going to forget these precious things they do like I do?

My goal is to buy a new video camera for myself this Christmas (maybe an early gift) and get myself back in the habit of picking up "real" cameras and capturing this awesome age. So I gotta get it together and learn you memory-keeper-pro's secrets!

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