Wednesday, October 16, 2013

So What Wednesday!

I haven't joined Shannon for a SWW in a while. So here we go. A few things I'm saying so what to...

  • Halloween. I know, I know. It's not very pinteresty of my and I am going to be super unpopular now but I hate Halloween. I don't like scary and I don't like crowds. I will take priss trick-or-treating because that's what moms do. But she is much like her mama and is afraid of everything. So who knows how long we will last! Could be interesting...
  • The tag. If it has pockets, it's pants. Not leggings. The designer was confused... I can wear these.
  • Being the bigger person. It's exhausting. You can only put yourself out there so many times and be shot down before you finally say to hell with it.
  • 5 am shift. I die every single morning but I cannot wrap my head around going to sleep with (or usually before) my toddler. what! But I don't want to go later because I love getting off work at 1!
  • my iphone! remember not too long ago I said how my trusty 4 was still doing me good and I didn't need to upgrade to a fun new one? yeah well... stupid thing got cocky. Now it is full of attitude and basically does whatever it wants. So that's fun
  • I work at GEICO and not only have I not even seen the humpday commercial, I walk a little quicker past the TV's in the hallway to try and avoid it. Social media ruined it before I even saw it. Annoying...
  • It makes no sense but I kinda love shouting (not singing, shouting) "what does the fox say"... In similar news, if I have to hear my child sing "ei ei o" one more time I am going to lose it.
What are you saying so what to?

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