Monday, October 21, 2013

Unexpected Inspiration

I mentioned that I am struggling to catch up on my DVR so don't judge me for being so behind on this. I watched last week's DWTS this weekend. Honestly, I like this show but I don't necessarily *love* it so I usually just turn it on while I'm cleaning or something so I can pop in for the dancing and out for the talking.

I was on my knees, head in the oven, trying not to breathe too deeply. Why ovens are even made without a self-clean option I will never know. But that's not what this blog is about. So there I am, cleaning the oven (eye roll) and I hear "With challenges in life, you can either be a victim or do something about it. (...) It's always scary to make a major change in your life, but, you gotta do it..." Naturally, my ears perked up. Then I hear that they chose "Roar" and I was totally tuned in. I love Leah anyways but I totally related to what she was saying. I know she and I are going through different changes, but the message is the same.

Her dance wasn't the best of the night, but I sat in tears watching. It touched me... her words, the song, the strength you find when "stuff hits the fan".

Let's not be silly though... any dance to Britney is going to be a favorite ;) some things never change... watch Snooki "werk" here

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