Monday, November 25, 2013

Aubrey Jo is 3

Are you all sick of seeing these photos yet? No? Good, me neither! ;)
Today, my daughter turns 3. THREE! It's such a strange feeling. To be a mom. To watch time slipping by. To have part of yourself walking around outside of you. To love like you didn't even think ever possible. I am so blessed to be this girl's mama, she really is something special. I know every mom says that... but really... I mean it. She is a beautiful reminder everyday of God's love. I say all the time that He knew exactly what he was doing when he gave me her. He knew what was to come and how much we would need each other, me sometimes needing her as much as (or even more than) she needs me. So many days, she is the only reason I can find to smile.
When Scarlett was editing these photos late one night, she sent me this one in a text accompanied by a letter "from Aubrey Jo". I got it at 2 am as I was sitting (not really sleeping) in a hospital chair pulled up next to my mom's bed. I sat there and cried reading the words she shared. I was overwhelmed with a feeling of wanting to be able to "kiss it and make it all better" for my mom. And I imagined all the times Aubrey Jo has tried (and sometimes succeeded) at doing that for me.
That's just who she is. She has a heart that can't be matched. She wants everyone around her to be smiling and happy. She wants to share hugs and kisses. She never meets a stranger.
I am so excited to start another year of adventure and giggles with you. Know that mama is always going to be your best friend. Even when it isn't cool, I got you...
...Fun Facts About Priss Today...
  • Favorite Show: My Little Pony, sprinkled with the occasional Olivia
  • Favorite Movie: RIO... but that changes constantly. Cars is a very close 2nd.
  • You got your 1st ever time out this year. We only utilized it maybe 3 times though. It wasn't quite as effective as the books would lead you to believe...
  • Your favorite person is granny. I really want to say it's me, but that would be a lie.
  • Your favorite foods are M&M's, "papa's" carrots, and waffles from the Huddle House.
  • You only drink your milk with chocolate, and prefer that Mimi mixes it.
  • You change your outfit at least 4 times a day and only wear panties with horsies on them.
  • You love to sing. Especially Old Macdonald & Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • You want to be the baby and get angry when anyone says you're a "big girl"
Two's really weren't as bad as everyone says. I am looking forward to the three's and all the "fun" they will bring (=

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