Friday, November 15, 2013

Five on Friday

Things are kind of crazy around here so I have been super slack. These Friday posts are perfect for what I can muster up lately. So, here we go...

1. My (almost) ex-SIL had twins this week. That same day, Scarlett & Stephen blogged some of the images from Prissy's 3rd year photos. THIRD! My little baby that was once teeny tiny like the newborn photos my ex-in-laws are sharing, will be three years old in 10 days. When did this happen?

2. I appreciate the love, support and prayers I have gotten for my mom from everyone. We have been pretty vague with the details on social media but I have still felt the love through emails, insta, texts and tweets. Her surgery went well, her recovery is going well I guess. I feel like it's not, but the doctor as assured us the symptoms she's showing are expected and he is not concerned. We meet with her oncologist next week to get her treatment plan.
3. Every time I pop in on social media I see someone else that has put up their tree. Yall! Stop. Not because I demand that you 'respect the turkey" but because I simply am not ready. With all the other chaos the last few months, I am totally unprepared for the holidays. And if I'm being honest, Really not interested. I have no desire to drag out decorations just to clean them up a month later. I'm sure I will, but I'm worried the mood may not strike until it's a little late. Usually by now I am totally done with all of my shopping and this year I haven't even started! So I guess one thing I am ready for, is the inevitable flurry of blogger gift guides. Sponsored or not, I need some help this year.
4. This commercial? Cracks me up. Obvi...
 5. I know. I said stop with the Christmas. BUT I am always in the mood for occasion PJ's! So of course I am going weak in the knees with today's post over on Everyday Cheer.


  1. love that first pic! 3 years old! Keep your head up and let me *subconsciously* send Christmas decor & glitter all over your home (after the Turkey of course) Enjoy your weekend!!

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  2. The pictures from your photo shoot are beautiful!


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