Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Well. Talk about a little late. We woke up the morning after Halloween and went to Nashville for the weekend and when we got back, we have a house full of family and prepping for my mom's surgery tomorrow. I wanted to sneak away for a couple of minutes though to share Prissy's Halloween pictures. I was new to my job and on night shift last year so I missed it. Basically, I cried all night and thought of all the reasons I hated my husband for screwing up everything. This year, I was so excited to be able to go with her and we had a blast.... once I woke her up. We sat in our friends' driveway for 45 minutes. Yall, FORTY FIVE minutes. She just was refusing to wake up. But it was all worth it when she did wake up and was ready to have a good time with her favorite gal pals.

The very best part though? At the end of the night, I asked her what her favorite part of the night was. It wasn't candy, costumes, running, or any of the usual suspects. It was holding Ky's hand. My.Heart.Exploded. Dead. The twins are like our family and I just love watching them love on her, she looks up to them so much.

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